Supercomputing – How to?


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Supercomputing – How to?

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Supercomputing – How to?

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This book has been specially designed to enable you to utilize parallel and distributed programming and computing resources to accelerate the solution of a complex problem with the help of HPC systems and Supercomputers. You can then use your knowledge in Machine learning, Deep learning, Data Sciences, Big data and so on.

Supercomputing – Sample Pages


Learn about Supercomputing:

A Little bit of Supercomputing history,

Supercomputing examples,

Supercomputers vs. HPC clusters,

HPC clusters computers,

Benefits of using cluster computing.

Components of a HPC system:

Components of a High Performance Systems (HPC) cluster,

Properties of Login node(s), Compute node(s), Master node(s), Storage node(s), HPC networks and so on.

PBS – Portable Batch System:

Introduction to PBS, PBS basic commands,

PBS qsub,

PBS qstat,

PBS qdel command,

PBS qalter,

PBS job states,

PBS variables,

PBS interactive jobs,

PBS arrays,

PBS Matlatb examples.

SLURM -Workload Manager:

Introduction to Slurm,

Slurm commands,

A simple Slurm job,

Slurm distrbuted MPI and GPU jobs,

Slurm multi-threaded OpenMP jobs,

Slurm interactive jobs,

Slurm array jobs,

Slurm job dependencies

Parallel programming – OpenMP and MPI:

OpenMP basics,

Open MP – clauses,

OpenMP worksharing constructs,

OpenMP- Hello world!,

Reduction and parallel for-loop,

Section parallelization, Vector addition,

MPI – hello world! send/ receive and ping-pong

Parallel programming – GPU and CUDA:

A concise beginner friendly guide to the GPUs – graphics processing units, GPU Programming – CUDA,

CUDA – hello world and so on!