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A Brief History

Evolutation of the Scientific Programming Learning Platform.

September, 2016

Learn Scientific Programming

The ‘Learn Scientific Programming’ is an eLearning course series and a blog to demonstrate the use of scientific programming languages in processing Big data. https://learn.scientificprogramming.io/

January, 2020

Scientific Programming School

Foundation of the next generation learning platform by the Scientific Programming Team for creating and delivering interactive and adaptive courses on Linux, Devops, HPC, scientific programming languages, including Data Sciences. https://school.scientificprogramming.io/

Combine knowledge and lessons learned from the Learn Scientific Programming works.

A Quest for Learning

Who we are? We are a team of Scientific Computing Professionals passionate about sharing skills with those who want to learn scientific coding techniques. We believe that everybody can teach, and our school is a way to make the Scientific coders' contribution and knowledge available to the world wide viewer!

We believe sharing knowledge is the most wonderful human capability. Sharing your skills and knowledge is a powerful and generous way to give back and change the world for the better!

Our Platform

The Scientific Programming School is an interactive learning space for Instructors, students and professionals interested in Linux, Devops, HPC and Data Sciences. The platform supports all three OS flavours (Ubuntu, RHEL and SuSE) and 50+ programming languages including the commercial ones like C#, Matlab and so on.


Our platform is powered by Digital Ocean's multiple droplets (VPS) with a highly scalable design (read our devlogs). Your support will allow us to focus more on the platform: new features, bug fixes, community support etc., and it also will help to pay the server bills, CDN spaces and backup costs. You will receive a complementary premium subscription to access all the courses for period of your patron!


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