Terms of Service

We value transparency and that means not hiding behind big words and long Terms of Service pages. So we'll try to keep this short and clear.


You need an account for most things on Scientific Programming School.com. That means you have a password to protect. We take password management very seriously, but can only protect your password from our end. If someone gets your password from your email inbox, personal notes, written notes, or you tell it to someone, there's simply nothing we can do about that other than to reset your password.

You are not allowed to share your account with anybody else. Your account may hold credit card information, be able to issue a refund for a course, and much more. Because of this, we require you to keep your account to yourself and not share your login credentials with anybody else.

Both students and instructors must be at least 18 years of age to use Scientific Programming School.com. If you are under the age of 18 but would like access to a course, we encourage you to ask your parent or guardian to setup and account for you.

Lastly, we can terminate your account at any time if we find your account to be insecure, breaks our terms, breaks our privacy policy, or otherwise may cause damage to Scientific Programming School.com os it's assets.

Enrollments and lifetime access

When you enroll in a course you are granted lifetime access. Lifetime access means two things on Scientific Programming School.com:

Lifetime access as an Scientific Programming School Premium member means the duration of your subscription.

Lifetime access for a course you've purchased (one-time purchase) means you will have access to that course for as long as that course exists on Scientific Programming School.com.

Occasionally we will need to remove or disable content from Scientific Programming School.com. Typicaly this is for legal or policy reasons, such as a course that's teaching a subject we don't allow. As a student, you are not allowed to redistribute course content without permission from Scientific Programming School.com. Of course, if you own the content and you are the instructor of a course, you may redistribute your own content.

Course purchase methods

One-time purchases: Every course is available to purchase for USD $5.00. A coupon may be applied to lower to price.

Scientific Programming School Premium: Alternatively, you may subscribe to Scientific Programming School.com for USD $12/month. You will get immediate access to any and all available courses for the duration of your subscription. Just renew you subscription by purchasing the Premium plan again, no auto-renew ever!


We maintain that all courses are set to either USD $5.00 or set as a free course and do not require purchashing. This may seem strange at first, but we strategically do this to compete with other platforms.


At this time we only accept Paypal as a form of payment.


If you buy a course (one-time purchase) you have 30 days to initiate a refund without being charged. If you are an Scientific Programming School Premium member you have 14 days to initial a refund and cancel your subscription without being charged.

When you cancel your Scientific Programming School Premium subscription you will immediately lose access to all your courses.

Scientific Programming School's right to content you post

As a distribution platform, Scientific Programming School.com has the right to promote your courses through any advertising stream it deems fit for advertising. For tracking and cookie information, see the Privacy Policy.

If a course has a conflict of interest, breaks our terms or privacy policies, a course may be removed or hidden. We try to help protect the public from things like misinformation, violence and several other subjects. That means a course may be removed if it doesn't meet our minimum criteria.

Using Scientific Programming School.com at your own risk

Anyone above the age of 18 can use Scientific Programming School to create and publish courses. We enable communication between instructors and students, which means we can't be held liable for the content that may get published by students or instructors.

We do not audit or review courses for legal issues or compliance and we are not in a position to determine the legality of course content or the content generated by students or instructors.

We do not control the editing process of a course and do not audit courses for truthfulness or policy breakage.

When you interact with an instructor or another student you must be careful about the information you share. Never share personal or private information that may put you at risk.

Links to other content may be found in course content and can (and likely will) bring you to websites we do not own or control. Whenever you are brought to a third party site, we suggest you read their terms of service and privacy policies.

Behaviour policies

You must treat everybody with respect and treat everybody equally. We have a zero tolerance policy around hate speech, discriminatory acts and wording, and harrassment. Everybody on Scientific Programming School is here for one common reason: to learn.

You will not report content, courses or other items for personal reasons such as a competitive course. However, please do report inapproriate content whenever possible.

If you treat everyone with respect you'll never run into issues in this subsection.

Updating these terms

Overtime we will adjust our terms and privacy policies. For minor changes we may not alert you about such updates. For large updates that may affect you, we will send an email to everybody letting them know about.

Every new user at Scientific Programming School is automatically subscribed to a Terms of Service and Privacy policy email list so we can reach you at any time. These are transactional emails and will not be used for marketing purposes; they will solely be used for keeping you updated on our terms and privacy policies.

We may update these terms without notice, but rest assured if it's a major change we will keep you informed.

Instructor support

To find support for instructors, courses, course content, or problems regarding posting new content, please reach out to us by opening a ticket.

Reporting content

We are working around the clock to add new features such as reporting different forms of content on Scientific Programming School.com. If you need to report content, please use the reporting features provided on the platform. But if that feature doesn't exist yet, please feel free to reach out to us by opening a ticket.

General support

For general support or questions, please reach out to us by opening a ticket.


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