Dawn of the Linux

Learn about the history of Linux Computer Operating Systems.

I wish to cover the history of Linux computer operating systems. In my experience, Linux is a dark red in that you need to open up the bottle before you start drinking. You need to observe how it has made before you can appreciate the flavor.

During the '90s, there were no computers on the market which has operated while using the Linux operating system. It is because the Microsoft operating system did not emerge yet. But with Microsoft is struggling to create a name for itself, Linux quickly became among the best options available. Then when Linux was initially released, it had been employing a CD ROM.

As Linux evolved, the CD ROM form disappeared, and the operating-system has sold like a standalone CD. But this CD did not last long.

The beginning

Right after Linux was released, Linux has changed with a computer company in California called Sun Microsystems. The Sun's rays company was known for making extremely popular pcs. But they also designed a prevalent operating system called Linux. They announced Linux, but rather than giving it away. They chose to sell it.

The reason behind this is that they knew that once Linux was successful, they'd no more have control within how it had marketed. Because of this, they announced Linux in a two-in-one package.

When they announced the Linux system, they announced version 1.0. This version is successful that it has ported to only about every computer manufacturer in the world, including Apple. And so, Apple announced the Macintosh.

The only thing that Apple contributed to the A Linux system Unix was the Macintosh's operating system. The other parts h were done by Sun. But at least Apple learned something by what people wanted from the computer operating system.

However, Linux has gotten more sophisticated over the years. Now you can apply it to a variety of different types of computers, including desktops, laptops, netbooks, media center PCs, as well as video games.

You may still find many people who believe that Linux is only for that computer and operating system hobbyist. These folks don't have an understanding of how it works. Linux can be used to run a whole home network and networked hardware devices.

The commercial companies that offer commercial Linux products are available online today. You can see an array of operating systems that are free and are powerful in their rights.

Because of its popularity among computer hobbyists, Linux is an excellent option for many people who use computers. For instance, a small company or student can buy Linux os, CD ROMs, or perhaps software applications to assist them in operating their equipment and software in a business or school.


A brief history of Linux computer operating systems isn't complete if you don't take into consideration the recognition of the Linux distributions. They are "distribution" distributions that will provide the user with the same Linux computer operating system that they would find by themselves computer.


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