GRE Test overview

Lesson 147/147
Course: GRE Masterclass

Class Lessons

Introduction GRE Test overview    GRE Math Introduction to solving an equati Algebra: Linear equations 4 Algebra: Slope 2 Algebra: Equation of a line Integer sums More percent problems More advanced ratio problem--with Alternate Solution to Ratio Probl Introduction to Ratios Age word problems 1 Age word problems 2 Solving a quadratic by factoring Introduction to i and imaginary n Calculating i raised to arbitrary i as the principal root of -1 (a Complex Numbers (part 1) Introduction to logarithm propert Permutations The golden ratio 30-60-90 triangle example problem Measuring angles in degrees Angle basics Proof: Vertical angles are equal Angles formed by parallel lines a Triangle angle example 3 Challenging triangle angle proble Proof: Corresponding angle equiva Finding more angles Sum of interior angles of a polyg Congruent triangles and SSS SSS to show a radius is perpendic Introduction to vertical angles Complementary and supplementary a Proof - Sum of Measures of Angles Triangle angle example 1 Triangle angle example 2 Finding congruent triangles Congruent triangle proof example Equilateral triangle sides and an Equilateral and isosceles example Another isosceles example problem Example involving an isosceles tr Figuring out all the angles for c Perimeter and area: the basics Triangle area proofs Interesting perimeter and area pr Koch snowflake fractal Area of an equilateral triangle Area of Koch snowflake (part 1) - Area of Koch snowflake (part 2) - Challenging perimeter problem Similar triangle basics Similarity postulates Similar triangle example problems Pythagorean theorem proof using s 45-45-90 triangle side ratios Area of a regular hexagon Area of a parallelogram Proof: Opposite angles of paralle Quadrilateral overview Proof: Diagonals of a parallelogr Review of triangle properties Euler line Median centroid right triangle ex Proof: Triangle altitudes are con 30-60-90 triangle side ratios pro Introduction to angles (old) Angles (part 2) The angle game Ratio problem with basic algebra Advanced ratio problems Probability (part 1) Stem-and-leaf plots Finding mean, median, and mode Box-and-Whisker Plots Probability of More Complex Outco Example: All the ways you can fli Adding and simplifying radicals Radical expressions with higher r More Involved Radical Equation Ex Midpoint formula Visual Pythagorean Theorem Proof Range, variance and standard devi Histograms Asymptotes of rational functions Proportionality Statistics: Standard deviation Probability (part 4) Birthday probability problem Intersection and union of sets Universal set and absolute comple Discrete and continuous random va Expected Value: E(X) Expected value of binomial distri Expected Value and Variance of Di Reading bar graphs Reading pie graphs (circle graphs Reading line graphs Misleading line graphs GRE Classes GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative GRE Basics 1. GRE Lesson - About the GRE How to use the GRE onscreen calc Math Question Formats Handling Stress on Test Day General GRE Math Strategies Multiplying by Doubling and Halv Shortcut for Dividing by 5 GRE Data Interpretation 1. Introduction to Data Interpret 2. Data Interpretation Strategies Maltanian Army - question I Car Prices - question I Car Prices - question II GRE Counting Listing and Counting Distributing Coins Fundamental Counting Principle Fundamental Counting Principle E Calculating Combinations Counting Strategies - Part II GRE Statistics 1. GRE Lesson 2. GRE Practice Question - Adding 3. GRE Practice Question - Two Un 6. GRE Lesson 7. GRE Lesson



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